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Videos and brand films will constitute more than 80% of internet traffic today, and this number is only going to increase. After all, who doesn’t want the kind of immersion in storytelling that a video brings to the audiences? From TikTok to Instagram and beyond, videos are all the rage.

At RepIndia, we truly believe that your brand can break the invisible ceiling and capture the imagination of your target audience by creating digital films that engage, educate, entertain, and enthrall. Our team of video junkies, visualizers, and storytellers are always eager to whip out the next viral video for brands and businesses – in every shape and form! From scriptwriting to screenplay to production, and from 5-second stories to 5-minute films, we do it all.

  • Social media videos optimized for every digital platform that can form a part of your content calendar, helping increase brand awareness, convert leads, convey a message, kickstart a campaign, advocate a product or celebrate an occasion
  • Animated videos that are exquisitely illustrated by our capable designers using the latest software and techniques
  • Corporate brand videos that are the centrepiece of your website and brand identity, showcasing the story of your brand, capabilities, people and more
  • Award-winning brand films that are conceived from clutter-breaking ideas for campaigns, fleshed out into scripts and shot indoors/outdoors through our various renowned vendors and production houses
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