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Smart Medical Buyer | Online Platform for Medical Consumables and Hospital Supplies


While Smart Medical Buyer was committed to clearing obstacles for healthcare providers and manufacturers in the country, our challenge was to clear obstacles for them to gain organic brand visibility via SEO and grow organic website users for improved online revenue. An enticing challenge indeed!


Through sound planning and by employing the right techniques we were able to improve Smart Medical Buyer’s reach and visibility among its target audience.

  • Special days call for special content – with our focus being on targeting keywords on static and dynamic pages according to calendar events
  • Microscopic understanding of a brand is a must to take it to the top. We quickly identified top-selling products as per market demands and beefed up the product and category pages with targeted keywords
  • A major screening of the website was done post a comprehensive technical audit, fixing out of stock pages, broken links, load time on mobile, etc.
  • Participated in Quora & other medical forums and answered relevant brand and category-related questions to connect with our audience at a deep level


After a strategic digital surgery of sorts, the Smart Medical Buyer is displaying signs of being back in the pink of health!

  • Hurray! Organic traffic grew exponentially from 243K from 37k in a year
  • With monthly revenue uplifted 4X & organic transactions grown to 185%, the business was booming big time
  • Smart Medical Buyer found its popularity soaring, with 1.2K keywords now ranking in Google top 3 positions

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