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Fabindia | Mother's day


How do you convey your feelings to someone who understands it without you even saying a word – Our mothers – the person who understands us the most. But deep down inside, we are not able to express our love for her as much as we all want to. So, on this Mother’s Day we wanted to do something special for our mothers.

We have all kinds of lovely things to say about our mom but all of us might not be able to express it.


We gave people a chance to express their love uniquely.

A Letter – but not the usual one – A letter on a Sari.

The objective was to create the longest crowd sourced love letter to our moms. By launching the #YoursTruly campaign on Instagram stories we asked people to finish the following sentence:

“My mom…”

This sentence reflected one quality or thing about their moms that made them “Supermoms”.

We collated the best answers that we received and developed the love letter and brought in 4 artists to doodle/paint the letter on to a Fabindia saree. These sarees was then displayed at a FabIndia Experience Center to enable customers to take pictures and share it on social media tagging their moms in the longest love letter by Fabindia.


  • 525% Boost in engagement
  • 1000+ Participation
  • 2.5 Lakhs+ Reach

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