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Ethos Watches | Largest Authorised Luxury Watches Retailer in India


For watch connoisseurs in the country, no name echoes the tenets of authenticity and perfection than Ethos Watches – India’s largest chain of luxury watch boutiques. Like clockwork, we set out to build further authority for the brand in the industry, roping in influencers to promote new endorsements through exciting, engaging long form content.


Tick, tock! Within no time, we swung the pendulum for the brand into high visibility territory through strategic content marketing and more.

  • Just like every timepiece if meticulously engineered piece by piece, we carefully crafted links to boost the site link popularity beyond compare via content marketing
  • When it’s that time of the month where we revel and celebrate, we don’t forget to capture the euphoria for Ethos with special occasion-targeted keywords on static & dynamic pages
  • Great content is timeless, and Ethos deserves exactly that as we worked on Content Marketing write ups and published blogs on high-domain authority sites
  • Fixing key page structural issues and defining key schema mark-up helped us polish the brand’s website to perfection
  • It all happens in an instant! We deployed AMP as per the growing trends of instant mobile site loading times


High-calibre results further cemented Ethos’ prestige, as they continue to impress us with timeless timepieces from all over the world.

  • The floodgates have well and truly been opened as 67% organic traffic growth was recorded on website in a year
  • Ethos is now both a name on everybody’s lips and their search results, with 6K keywords now ranking on Google’s first page

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