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In today’s world, we take water for granted because we are yet to face the harsh reality of water scarcity for ourselves. Yet, this reality is already a global crisis that threatens large swathes of human populations who don’t have access to clean, potable water. Therefore, the challenge was very apparent: how do we make people sit up and take notice of a pertinent issue that is not given enough consideration?

Being a global infrastructure conglomerate, Adani Group has always been driven sustainable operation, development and value creation as the most significant prerequisites and outcomes of nation-building.

So, while most brands opt to keep their messaging fairly straight-forward on World Water Day, Adani Group wanted to share a clutter-breaking message that drives home the points of water scarcity in India, water conservation as a universal responsibility and brand advocacy around the theme of sustainability.

This is where we came up with a unique insight that paints an accurate picture of water disparity in our world.


Unlike people living in rural India who value every drop of water, the creative idea hinged upon the premise that urban India takes water as a resource and an amenity for granted. Taking into view the two contrasting situations, on World Water Day, we shared the message of water disparity and conservation in India through the concept of a bucket list.

For most of us, a bucket list is a quick jot down of the most exciting things we want in life. Yet, for many across India, the meaning of a bucket list boils down to survival – how to accomplish as much as possible in just a few buckets of water or even less.

This message was woven into a brand film which deployed powerful visual storytelling to urge people to use water responsibly. The film also served as the perfect foundation to leverage the audience sentiment and shed light upon Adani Group’s water conservation & management practices which form a key part of their sustainability strategy.

The strategy, therefore, hinged on creating a thought-provoking brand film to spark conversations with the audience and then leverage the impact created to drive home Adani Group’s stature as a responsible corporate citizen committed to sustainable practices.


Instead of building up to the day with teaser posts, the campaign was initiated with the brand film’s launch on various social media channels. This was accompanied by a trending activity on Twitter. Next, 2 sustenance videos were launched highlighting Adani Group’s sustainable practices in water usage, conservation and recycling across business operations and CSR initiatives. The final leg of the campaign was capped off by business-specific water conservation practices across a variety of Adani Group verticals.

Strategy across Owned, Paid & Earned Media

On World Water Day, we wanted to move on from not just our own platforms but explore various mediums to highlight the stark difference between the usage of water in rural and urban societies. The story of The Bucket List was picked up by various content aggregators like Social Samosa, which helped us reach out to larger audiences and spread awareness around water conservation.


Perfectly capturing the struggle and disparity related to water in India and contrasting it with urban India’s wishful bucket lists that are symbolic of our indifference to the social issues prevalent around us, the #BucketList campaign film sparked conversations around water that are necessary to sensitize our world.

  • Reached over 7 Million people across platforms
  • Garnered 12 Million+ impressions
  • More than 4 Million video views
  • Over 3000 shares and 800 comments
  • Average view rate of 46% on YouTube
  • Over 1 Million views on Social Samosa
  • 2+ hours of nationwide Twitter trending
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