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Vh1 | World Deaf Day


There are 18 million deaf Indians and only about 250 Sign Language Interpreters in the entire country. The deaf rely heavily on sign language and reading lips to communicate which poses a new problem in the new normal: masks. The Deaf aren’t able to read our masked lips and most Indians don’t know how to interpret their signs. While the Deaf have tried to learn our language, why haven’t we gotten with theirs? After all, inclusivity is a two way street.


World Deaf Day 2020, Vh1 India helped people Get With the Deaf community in its own way with their campaign #SignsOfMusic – A first of its kind campaign that enables our audience to learn the basics of the Indian Sign Language to communicate with the Deaf through Music in the form of Reels with ISL interpreters, LIVE Concert featuring your favorite stars and engaging posts on social media.

All of this in collaboration with BleeTV, an organisation that offers innovative design and technology based solutions for the deaf community with the help of their ISL interpreters.

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