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Trending challenges are being celebrated on Social Media by millennials on a regular basis. These challenges gather huge traction and popularity with people, who tag their closed ones to take part. The famous social media trends were the ‘Mannequin Challenge’, ‘ Kiki Challenge, ‘ Bottle Cap Challenge’ which took the internet by storm and saw huge participation.Everyone enjoyed posing for these challenges but didn’t realize that in real life too, there are challenges that require their attention. Through our campaign we wanted to Shift their focus from the social media challenges to the real challenges.


We wanted to put forward our communication, inviting our digital audience to take on the ‘Real Challenge’ that allows them to join a movement which initiates change and helps the environment. So, rather than taking on the ‘Flip the bottle challenge’ we urged them to flip the bottle, but in the dustbin. Similarly, rather than being a mannequin for a challenge, we urged them to not be a mannequin when they see water being wasted or anyone littering. We tied up with photography influencers to take up the flipside of the trending challenges and capture them on their cameras.


  • Reach: 20 Million+
  • Video Views: 2.5 Million+
  • All this under the budget of 2lakhs INR
  • The campaign was featured on Social Samosa and Exchange 4 Media
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