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Freecharge | Early App-raisal Campaign


For a generation that usually makes impulsive decisions for any plan, be it travel, dining, shopping etc, financial planning is their last concern. We now live in a world, where people more often than not tend to day dream about what they would do with the money and come to a realization much later about how they would save up that amount.

So how do you teach this generation the essence and importance of financial planning and the art of executing successful plans for any kind of activity involving money?


Freecharge, being in the financial sector, knew very well that for any successful plan for any kind of activity, managing finances and having enough monetary resources is of utmost importance.

The fact that Freecharge also offers tons of financial services like Money Management, Gold Investments, Mutual Fund Investments, and Fixed Deposits to name a few, was to be brought out and highlighted to the public, in a more interactive manner, specifically in a voice that resonated with their TG, with which they could relate to.

Talking to a generation with no attention span for a boring topic like financial planning, Freecharge wanted to leverage the vast opportunities on social media, grabbing every chance they could find to communicate the ways one could make the most of the services offered to achieve their financial goals. The intention was to make every financial touch point fun, weaving in modern day problems people could relate to, making them interesting and quirky.


Over the last 5 months, we have achieved…

  • Digital Reach – Increased by 611% or Increased 6x
  • Total Engagements – Increase by 321% or Increased 3x
  • Video Views – Increased by whooping 13x
  • Follower Growth of 239%
  • Instagram Followers increased 3.5x
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