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Changing Perception through CRM

Quick and effective responses helping in building greater accountability and positive Brand advocacy


  • Perceived as a non-responsive brand since consumers’ questions and concerns were not addressed
  • The negative sentiment was as high as 25%, with average Turn Around Time (TAT) of 3 hours
  • The low budget carrier also had the lowest Share of Voice

How did we turn the tables?

  • Our dedicated response management team worked round-the-clock and reduced average TAT to 25 minutes
  • Negative sentiment reduced from 25 to 8%
  • Listening insights that lead to award winning campaigns
  • Mentions increased by over 200% with query closure rate of 96%
  • Handled 50,000+ queries across digital platforms
  • 3X increase in the number of positive mentions
  • 50% increase in app store ratings, from 2.2 to 3.3

Crisis Management

A tweet that could have taken off

A prominent celebrity with more than 4 million followers tweeted about a passenger’s ordeal and had tagged the airline. The tweet gained a lot of engagement with high following profiles participating in the conversation

The ORM team swiftly connected with the aggrieved passenger and reached out to the celebrity offline updating him on the passenger’s status

He deleted his original tweet and posted a positive update about the case

What could have turned into a crisis, was resolved in less than 30 minutes

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