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The LaLiT Hotels & Resorts | A Leading Chain Of Luxury Hotels


Traditionally modern, subtly luxurious, distinctly LaLiT. As one of India’s finest chain of luxury hotels, the LaLiT weren’t content with a lacklustre presence on digital. The time for a boring ‘staycation’ online was over. Our task was to architect their surpassing of the competition by increasing organic traffic on the website and engaging with influencers for promoting lavish amenities.


Ever heard of ‘hospitality through curated content’? Well, we adopted it to create the perfect abode for travel enthusiasts and tourists online to stir their interests and satisfy their inner curiosities.

  • All roads led to The LaLiT as we used ‘content marketing’ as a link building activity to boost the site link popularity
  • It’s not just about hotels and their rooms! Studying user intent allowed us to curate content focused on increasing non-brand traffic and truly serving the delights of travel & tourism stories to all visitors
  • When The LaLiT is truly ‘lit’, then why shouldn’t everyone know about it? We planned organic promotions for blogs, PRs, CSR activities, events, offers, deals, etc. to amp up its popularity
  • Nothing beats the thrill of gastronomy, as we stepped up efforts to create awareness about multi-cuisine restaurants & amenities through rich blogs


For The LaLiT, the results have been akin to the glorious rush and throng of a tourist season in full flow!

  • Website-seeing before sight-seeing! We recorded 391% organic traffic growth on community website in 1.5 year grew from 41,195 to 202,338
  • Who doesn’t love a view from the very top? The LaLiT’s domain authority improved to 55 from 35, and continues to do so

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