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Colors Infinity | Pride


Even today, acceptance of homosexuality & queer identities still remain a constant struggle for the LGBTQ+ community within the boundaries of family, home, and school. Accepting someone close to being LGBTQ+, is a pivotal moment.

We can only accept what we know. And people are not accurately aware of what LQBTQ+ means or what it entails, and could maybe have a different mindset once they had all the facts.


We featured positive stories of acceptance narrated by the pride community. Bittersweet emotions, but with happy endings. The objective was to support the community, normalize being LGBTQ+, and inspire others to come out and be themselves.

The glossary of LGBTQ+ terms and everything around it called the ‘Glossary Of Love’. A series of illustrated postcards on Instagram grid educating people about pride terminology.

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