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MTV Beats | Cricket mein hai Beat


Indians are crazy about two things in this world – Bollywood Music and Cricket.

Bollywood music, that captures 80% of India’s music following and Cricket, where Indians contribute to 90% of the 1 billion cricket fans globally.

So how could India’s favourite Bollywood music brand celebrate cricket’s biggest occasion, the World Cup and stay relevant digitally?

MTV Beats created an interactive newsfeed app that captured the entire World Cup on a sound wave! Where every moment of every game was presented as a musical beat, LIVE!

MTV Beats offered viewers a chance to experience cricket in music through an interactive experience. Users could forecast match overs, listen to the match highlights of their favourite players and their favourite teams too.

MTV Beats – India’s most loved Hindi music channel – went ahead and added a dash of music to the game by transforming the sport into music.


MTV Beats is a powerhouse music brand & as India’s fastest-growing music channel, we believe in evolving constantly that strengthens our bond with our viewers.

Our intent was to combine two of the country’s biggest obsessions and redefine the spirit of Indians who worship cricket and urge them to support our Men in Blue to celebrate each second on the pitch.

While the thought was simple, creating the app took a million minds. Every run had to have a unique beat for fans to distinguish between the different outcomes.

We designed beats from scratch to every possible outcome on every ball bowled whether it was a 1, 4, 6, or a wicket. We carefully produced individual beats with an underlying tune, which ensured every possible combination of these beats created music and not noise. The app captured live API’s and converted every run into a beat and weaved (without a seconds delay) together a melody ensuring fans celebrated every run.

Advertising was strategically placed on the platform itself and through one of most of the frequently visited apps like – WhatsApp.

The designing of the entire app with all its permutations and combinations took about 10 days to create, there were at least 7 iterations made on each to be fitting enough to go live with

Visuals were kept light and relevant to music and cricket taking the illustrative approach, taking blue as the hero colour which is the colour of team India in cricket.

The campaign ran for more than a month where 45 matches were played during this timeline hence creating the longest cricket beat on the strength of 1MN+ notes.


The KPI’s were – Never done before, innovative & technology-driven, all working its way up to a goal of creating conversation and celebrating each min of the sport

The campaign generated:

  • Impressions 90 Million+
  • Reach 70 Million+
  • Engagement 0.9 Million+
  • Website Clicks 0.35 Million+
  • Press coverage 3.5 Million+
  • We added to our credit the creation of the longest cricket beat made with 1MN+ notes that summarized 45 matches played in the world cup
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