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We worked with a leading beauty and cosmetic brand that offers a range of baby products. Digital channels, including the brand’s native website. However, the brand wanted to scale its online sales presence by leveraging the native website.

Problem Statement

Prior to partnering with RepIndia, the brand faced hurdles during execution of PPC campaigns, such as carving a niche for itself among a clutter of competing brands with similar portfolios and price-points. One of the key roadblocks was relatively higher pricing for the entry level beauty and cosmetics in comparison to competing brands.


Using the funnel approach and having prior customer data for Facebook and Instagram as the mail channel as compared to google. Google shopping ads were to be used aggressively.


  • Historical Data Dissection
  • Competitor Research
  • Keywords Campaigns
  • Brand Campaigns


  • Jump in Revenue: 12%
  • Growth in ROAS: 1.1X

Before RepIndia

  • AOV: 734/-
  • CVR: 1.08%
  • Returning Customer Rate: 27.39%

After RepIndia

  • AOV: 851.55/-
  • CVR: 1.19%
  • Returning Customer Rate: 28.63%
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