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Tips To Write a Perfect Blog Post
upendra chansoria June 14, 2022 231 views

Whether for a blog or an individual, a blog post is like a journal where people share engaging information with an audience that may have similar interests. Blog content writing is more personal than a business website and that is why brands use it to reach out to people at a very niche and individual level.

The idea behind blog writing is simple: you connect audiences with relevant answers, facts and information to their queries or interests. This is what drives reach, conversions and brand loyalty – all through a conversation in the form of a blog. The fact that 77 million new comments are registered on blog posts every month globally indicates the popularity and power of blogging.

From diary entries to reviews to recommendations to travelogues to opinion pieces to listicles to FAQs to manuals, there are multiple kinds of blogs that can enrich your content strategy. If your aim is to create a loyal audience then you need to write your blogs a certain way i.e., they should be both engaging and factually correct.

So, how to write a blog post that will work wonders for your brand, business or reputation?

5 Tips How To Write A Blog Post

Tip 1: Plan, Plan, Plan

The difference between an okay blog and a great blog is planning! It’s not just about sitting down and content writing . Choose a good topic that has a lot of traffic but relatively less content available. Start with researching your topic. Read multiple blog posts and articles about the topic you’re about to write about. While reading other articles and blogs, you would be able to find some common points and some important points. Keep notes and start to pen down an outline. Think about the flow of the blog you’re about to write.

  • Choose a topic that interests you
  • Write an outline that summarizes the blog
  • Do your research
  • Check your facts

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Tip 2: Write A Great Headline

Find a catchy headline for the topic you’ve chosen. As a reader, we often opt for books or articles with a name that intrigues us. Take your time to find a headline that sounds both informative and interesting. Always use basic vocabulary so that everyone can understand what you intend to communicate.

  • Use questions as headlines
  • Use keywords
  • Use simple vocabulary for the title- always

Tip 3: Get The Basics Right

When it comes to the meat of the blog, you need to get your basics right. Start by understanding the brief, the tonality you wish to follow, and the kind of audience you are targeting with your blog. This will give you a clear idea of whether the blog needs to be conversational or factual and to-the-point, casual or informative, long or short, paragraph-laden or in bullet points, etc. For example, if need be, you can also use more informal language and even use your wit and humor to give a personality to your brand. Before you start to write the entire blog post, remember to check your facts and be sure about what you are writing as per blog writing format. Most importantly, don’t forget the basics:

  • Include keywords
  • Don’t be repetitive
  • Check your grammar
  • Use effective and crisp language

Tip 4: Use Images Effectively

A picture speaks a thousand words, so why waste such an opportunity? Visual aids often help us understand things more and even convey things easier and better. However, take your time to select the picture you want to use and make sure it’s the most relevant to your topic. There are many free image resources online from where you can get stock pictures. In case you are adding a picture from another site, don’t forget to credit the source.

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Tip 5: Finalize By Editing

Proofreading and Editing is a major part of good writing. The more you revisit your writings, the better they can get if you are comfortable with tweaking your work now and then. Also, it’s a pretty good idea to re-read your work after a break as you sit with fresh inspiration.

  • Check your grammar
  • Make sure there isn’t a lot of repetition
  • Check the flow by reading aloud
  • Make someone else reads it and gives feedback

Final Words

Writing a good blog is all about flow. Set the mood to write a relaxing blog where you are enjoying yourself and are thoroughly engaged with the topic. Be a friend to your audience and try keeping it simple. Remember, all these instructions are only a very small part of writing an actual blog – as long as you’re enjoying writing the blog, you can reassure yourself that you’re doing a good job.

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