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5 Best Ways To Promote YouTube Videos
upendra chansoria March 23, 2022 219 views

With an effective video marketing strategy, one can pump up the company’s sales and conversions. YouTube is great for video marketing, and there are many jaw-dropping usage statistics to support that.

  • YouTube has over two billion monthly users deeming it the second most common social networking site.
  • Viewers are two times more inclined to buy something they saw on YouTube.
  • More than 70% of the viewers gain brand awareness from YouTube videos.
  • Compared to other platforms, viewers are 4X more likely to get on to YouTube to get information about a service, brand, or product.

With such a huge number of millennials and your target audience spending time on this platform, ensuring your videos have a competitive edge becomes more important.

5 Best Ways to Promote YouTube Videos

1. Introducing the Video with Your Brand

Branding plays a key role in building loyalty, and its vitality should not be underestimated. When you include branded introductory footage, your loyal customers will recognize it and continue to watch the video. In addition, most people prefer a video to someone using the brand name, and this plays a key role in getting more viewers to your channel.

2. Grab the Attention of the Viewer in the First 10 seconds

Most people have a short attention span. If the first few seconds are unable to arouse interest, they will leave and may even give a thumbs down to the video. So the introduction of your video needs to be convincing enough and provide a glimpse of what they can expect ahead. A good digital agency in India or globally will always suggest personalizing videos to build trust.

3. Don’t Have Long Titles and Opening Credits

Since our attention spans are quite short, a long opening will drive the viewers away. If someone is binge-watching your video series, they don’t want to watch the same repetitive and long introduction each time. Try and use an opening not more than 5-seconds that is catchy and to the point.

4. Include Relevant Keywords and Inform Your Subscribers About New Content

An easy way to promote YouTube videos is by including relevant keywords in your titles. Use email-marketing tools to let your viewers know when you have uploaded a new video. Effective ways to inform subscribers about new content will drive more views and subscriptions to your channel.

5. Make Your Video Content Around Trending Topics

A tried and tested method of gaining a competitive edge advocated by any good digital marketing company in India or globally is to focus your content around trending topics. See what is trending on Twitter or check out google trends and weave them into your content. Create fast video content with the help of an easy-to-use video editor to create engaging and eye-catching video content on trending topics.

A basic step that can help you ace your YouTube videos is ensuring brevity and not ignoring the importance of the video duration. In addition, customization is key, and one should capitalize on available data to show people what they want to see. And last but not least, make sure to include a call to action button and do this tactically.

To help you adopt the best ways to promote YouTube videos, bringing a SEO Company in India such as RepIndia on board will help you do wonders to increase your reach and boost conversions. Our tried and tested tips, and YouTube video elements will make your videos stand out!

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