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Google Featured Snippets: A Comprehensive Guide
upendra chansoria October 3, 2022 379 views

When you look up something in the Google search bar, sometimes results appear differently than the usual format. This is usually in the form of a small snippet of webpage text before the link to the said webpage. The results which appear in an aforementioned way are known as Google featured snippets, which we will be talking more about in the following blog.

What Is Featured Snippet?

The expanded snippets that appear on the top of the Google search engine result page (SERP) are known as featured snippets. These snippets answer the user’s query in the search results itself and therefore have the link to the webpage detailing that particular query below the text (snippet) displayed. This is a reverse of the usual way that Google tends to display results.

In case the users feel the text is not adequate and want to explore more, they can click on the link below to get more information.

Why Is Featured Snippet SEO Important?

Google Featured Snippets are important for SEO in two ways:

  • Featured snippets help you get more clicks through organic search results. If your content lands on snippets, then your organic click-through rate tends to be higher and get a serious boost.
  • Featured snippets increase your “no-click searches”, i.e users don’t click on any other search results.

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Types Of Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are largely categorised into 4 types:

  • Paragraph Featured Snippets – This type of featured snippet makes up about 70% of the total snippets. They usually have around 42 words and 250 characters.
  • Listicle Featured Snippets – Consisting of ordered and unordered lists, listicle-featured snippets have an average of 6 points and 44 words. Around 17% of featured snippets are the listicle kind.
  • Table Featured Snippets- These kinds of featured snippets have an average of five rows and 2 columns made up of 40-45 words. Approximately 6.3% of featured snippets are of table type.
  • Video Featured Snippets – This type of snippet consists of a video which is usually 6 minutes and 35 seconds long.

5 Best Ways to Optimize For Google Featured Snippets

1. Research Competitor’s Featured Snippets

Build your content calendar around the keywords that own the competitor’s featured snippet. Once you have researched and gathered the keywords, you can start implementing and optimising your content.

2. Understand user intent

One of the most important things you should take into account when optimizing for featured snippets is the intention of the person searching and your keywords are usually searched by potential buyers, people who persuade others to buy or use your service and your competitors. The content should always be written to answer the queries posed by the first two kinds of visitors and this can be done by drafting a brief answer, a specific answer, a comparison or a video.

3. Create and update content outline

After you have researched and collected data around competition related to content topics, their keywords and search intent, you can start creating an outline according to the research. In case your content is created already, you will be required to change it as per the research and other SEO requirements.

4. Create better content

Creating well-researched and value-based content that can be used for years is one of the best ways to optimize for featured snippets. Your content can be better than your competitors by covering basic information answering user queries, adding rich data in the form of media and examples, and improving the readability of content.

5. Add relevant graphics

Relevant graphics are an indispensable part of listicle style and paragraph style featured snippets. Adding good quality original images can improve the user’s experience rather than using stock images.

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How To Make Featured Snippets

Research Keywords with low difficulty and high audience relevance: Constant keyword research can help you create content which is searched by and is of relevance to the audience.

Develop content around the searcher’s need: Once you have researched and created content topics, you should write content that can be pulled to form featured snippets.

Build authority with consistent content: Creating consistent content has higher chances of ranking than content created specifically for a snippet. High-quality, comprehensive and engaging content throughout increases your chances of coming up as a featured snippet.

Be sure to keep your end goals in mind: Since featured snippets tend to give you the no.1 organic position and a large amount of visibility, make sure to use this to your advantage. While creating content make sure to keep in mind the end goal which is conversion and add a relevant call to action to your content to achieve it.

Final Word

Having your content as a Google featured snippets can give your business vast visibility and boost. Hence, it is important to make sure your content is optimized for it and you can always approach experts to help you out with it. As a leading digital marketing and SEO agency in India, we at RepIndia have a team of professionals that help you with comprehensive SEO needs and help you rank better.

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