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5 Best SEO Practices For E-commerce Sites
upendra chansoria October 11, 2022 142 views

With the tremendous growth of E-commerce and the need for online engagement of brands with their customers, brands want to be as visible and want to communicate with customers on their terms. In this era of break-neck competition, businesses need to adopt SEO best practices for e-commerce to make their digital presence more prominent. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of enhancing organic visibility by adopting the best ecommerce SEO checklist.

The ultimate goal of your SEO strategy should be to improve the quality and quantity of traffic on your website. If your website does not rank well in search engines, the chances of your website attracting customers are very bleak.  Hence, it is extremely important to devise SEO tips for eCommerce sites that would go a long way.

5 Best Ecommerce SEO Checklist

1. Use Powerful Keywords

It is extremely important that the products and services available on your website have user-friendly information. The information on your website has enough information for the user to understand and should also be easy to find and read. If you are a site that attracts customers from different regions, you should also consider having measurements in standard, metric and or both. Keywords are the terms that consumers search for online. Exactly why, you should maximize these specific keywords to attract potential customers to your website.

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2. Have a Thoughtful Website Design

Design is an extremely important part of SEO. Ideally, your website design should fruitfully contribute to the shopper’s overall experience and not detract from it. Does not matter if your site has some incredibly cool products, the user will instantly leave your site if he/she finds it hard to navigate around. Search engines also have the capability to detect the bounce rates i.e, how quickly visitors are leaving your site after the first visit. A very high bounce rate may lead to your website ranking dipping very low. Hence, having a well-designed website is another important SEO strategy for eCommerce websites.

3. Opt for Easy URL Structure

Your website URL is the address by which a visitor accesses your page on the e-commerce site. What makes a URL a bit complicated is that it has a fairly huge amount of information in a small space. URLs contain categories name, product names, file types and more. Ideally, having clear and concise URLs is one of the best SEO practices. It is difficult for the search engine to pick any sort of information from a cluttered URL. Instead, lean towards a comprehensible URL that only provides insights about your site at a glance. Do not forget to include keywords wherever you can.

4. Alt Texts for Your Images are a Must

In order to make it easier for the search engines to crawl onto your site to comprehend the images, Alt Text is used. It is basically a line of “alternate” text that can be used in a multitude of ways. For every image that you have on your site, the caption that you use is referred to as the alt text. It can essentially have your target keywords and can be descriptive enough for the consumers to understand. It is also very crucial for visitors who are visually impaired. Alt text is used by the screen readers to “read” the images, which makes it easy for everyone to understand.

5. Test Your Targets with Google Ads

It is always important to be mindful of the users who are landing on your website. There is nothing worse than spending countless hours and investments for the wrong or dispassionate consumers. A relatively affordable method of determining the value of a ranking is to simply pay for the ad and ascertain the interested consumers. Google Ads is just the right kind of tool for that. It enables you temporarily set up a campaign and measure your results. If this SEO practice works for you, you can even adopt it and keep it running until you achieve organic rankings.

So, here is a complete ecommerce SEO checklist for you to strategize and create a robust SEO plan for your business. Having the right SEO plan can be a real game changer for your business. If you are looking for SEO services in India and SEO services London, get in touch with RepIndia, one of the leading digital marketing companies.

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