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App Store Optimization Guide: Improve Your App Discovery
upendra chansoria October 9, 2022 363 views

More than 3 billion people use smartphones globally, and there are more than 2 million applications available in the Apple App Store and over 2.6 million Android apps in the Google Play store. These kinds of volumes make it difficult for users to find or discover both new and current apps. And particularly, if you’re a developer trying to get your app recognised, they are big and astounding statistics. How can you distinguish yourself amid a crowded field of rivals? And maybe more significantly, how can you ensure that your app fits search intent on the App Store so that it appears high in search results? 

Today’s conundrum for developers is not whether to spend money on applications to interact with their audience, but rather how to help users find their apps in the first place.

ASO (App Store Optimization) enters the picture at this point. It aids in the better promotion of mobile apps by app producers and publishers. You can influence the search result ranking of your app to make it simple for consumers to discover and download your app, start in-app purchases, and become aware of in-app events.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

What Is App Store Optimization (ASO) And How To Optimize An App?

There are only two ways, if you’re offering app development services in India, to get your app in front of potential users: paid advertising or initiating organic searches across all app stores. While you shouldn’t pass up any opportunity to increase your app’s visibility, spending money to raise its organic rating will be more beneficial in the long term.

Spending on paid advertising and subsequently obtaining downloads for your app is the opposite of visibility in organic searches, which is based on the user’s genuine search intent to meet a certain need.

Unfortunately, just like the genuine algorithms for SEO, the true algorithms for ranking in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store for Android applications are not truly known and frequently change. We do, however, know that some factors have a greater impact than others on your App Store rankings. Your software may rank higher, get noticed by more people, and get more downloads if you use this short App Store Optimization guide.

1. Optimize the Title and Description

You can rank at least 10% higher than if you can include one or more keywords in the title of your app. Naturally, the way you approach your title should alter depending on whether you’re selling to Apple or Android consumers as both the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play treat titles and keywords differently. Spend some time creating a creative title that is distinct, evocative, and keyword-rich; it’s not a terrible idea to first construct a title, and then a subtitle, both of which should contain your keywords. You’ll gain market share and boost your rankings by doing this.

2. Assign Correct Categories

The App Store’s categories make it easier for users to find new apps that suit their needs. Your app’s discoverability on the App Store depends heavily on the major category you choose. It makes it easier for users to locate your app whether browsing the App Store or filtering search results. To aid our system in surfacing your app more effectively, you may optionally choose a secondary category.

3. Use High Quality Images and Videos

High standard app store images are going to make a significant difference since how your app store page appears is an important deciding element. In fact, they are listed as the second most persuasive element in getting someone to download your app (first is the App’s Rating). Focus on the salient features and most captivating aspects of your software while using screenshots and video real estate. Only records of the in-app experience may be displayed, therefore check that the user experience (UX) of your mobile app is appealing and meets the needs of your potential audience.

4. Foster Positive Ratings/Reviews

Despite the fact that you do not have complete control over your app’s rating and reviews, you must make every effort to enhance it. The third-party App Store Optimization elements, such as your app’s ratings, downloads, and reviews, are very important for boosting your brand’s visibility and app store position. Reviews for your app should be positive, sincere, and well-written, describing how it improves the lives of its users and why it is valuable. However, be certain that all of these evaluations are sincere and come from people who have used your app. Encourage it by using in-app popups and push notifications.

If you’ve built a sturdy app but ASO is not your cup of tea, let RepIndia’s experts take over. Our professionals will use sophisticated optimization tools and techniques to ensure maximum visibility, downloads and ratings of your app on the platform of your choice. Ensure your creation gets the attention it deserves by collecting RepIndia’s app store optimization services today!

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