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An Appreciated Employee Will Always Do More Than Expected
Priyanka Vishnoi October 23, 2018 416 views

Appreciation is a basic human need and just as any other situation, people expect to be appreciated at their workplace. Employees hope to be recognized for their hard work and valued for their efforts. Without this appreciation, they often tend to lack motivation and show a decline in performance. Routine appreciation helps your employees feel valued, respected and desired.

Here are 3 ways in which routine appreciation of your employees can push them to do more than expected:

1. It fosters loyalty

For teamwork to make the dream work, loyalty is a necessary ingredient. A loyal employee base is the foundation of any successful business, where the team is willing to go the extra mile not because it is demanded of them, but because they feel a sense of belonging to the organization. Appreciating your employees makes them feel like you share the same goals. In the context of a social media agency, it pushes them to be problem solvers and apply their mind in executing social media services – all because they see themselves as an intrinsic and important part of the company. Showing appreciation tells your employees that you believe in them and value their work.

2. It boosts confidence

Appreciating your employees is a sure-shot way to boost their confidence and make them feel good about the work they do. Higher confidence is associated with better performance. As an employee in a digital or social media agency, there are new challenges that come your way every day. But if you’re confident in your skill and believe in the strength of your team, these challenges can be overcome with ease. Routine appreciation and subsequent boost in confidence also help you present a strong, united face in front of clients and outsiders.

3. It helps retain your best talent

Great employees don’t come by every day and this is why it’s important to make sure they stay. By appreciating their work and effort, you make them feel valued and important in your organization. It instills a sense of participation and belonging, aided with feelings of loyalty and love. This ensures that your best employees stay with you and wish to continue working for you.

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