Branding & Identity

Your brand is a reflection of what you stand for and therefore has to align perfectly with the values and purpose of your organization.

Our branding process includes enhancing and identifying your unique brand by evaluating your company's vision, mission and your brand promise. Developing an identity for a company means studying your company's long-term aspirations, why you're doing what you're doing, and ultimately what you want to achieve through your success. We study the purpose of your company and the effect you want to have on the world around you.

The work we produce goes beyond simply evaluating "good" or "bad" design- the majority of it has to do with how the design fits into the wider spectrum of things. Some of the first questions we address are, "Does this design fall in line with the overall identity of the company?" and "Does this design ‘say’ what the company is trying to say?"

Our only aim isn't to make a ‘great’ looking design, however, it's always to create something tangible and intangible that would be well received by the company and its audience.

The complexity in the process of branding is that while the designer and the management try and figure out the best way to brand the company, the most crucial element may get lost - branding actually relies on the perception of the audience. So the next question is, ‘How do you find out what your audience is thinking? That’s where our market research team comes in.

We truly try to understand your audience and what they think about your company.


Design is a small but significant portion of branding.

Creating a sleek logo and letterhead is redundant if the consumer doesn't have a great perception of the company. However, good design can go a long way in building a solid foundation for a brand. We pick an idea or feeling that best suits your business, incubate it and nail that down as best as possible.

Our designers contribute to branding through creating work that is consistent with the views and perception of our clients. Something all designers (and companies, for that matter) must understand is that good design means good quality. We believe that great branding and design can stand out forever and that logos and colour schemes are great memory triggers that create a concrete foundation. We focus on creating something that can be EASILY remembered. 

Branding comes from your business - what you stand for, what you sell, who you cater to. We contribute by creating a design that has recall value and does justice to what you do.