An army of creative thinkers in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, who spend a disproportionate amount of their time on digital.

We have a young team from diverse backgrounds who are waiting to transform your brand with their infectious passion for storytelling.

The foundation for RepIndia was laid in the year 2013, when Ayesha Chenoy, a successful investment banker, who won the prestigious Adam Smith prize for economics at the Cambridge University, decided to bring an unprecedented digital revolution to India.

Today, we are amongst the most successful all-encompassing independent digital agencies in India. Our team is ever-expanding, with the Da Vincis, the Picassos, and the Einsteins of the world consumed with the next big idea and innovation in digital marketing. Based out of offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, we help brands grow into success stories through 360° brand strategy and planning, design, customer response management, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

Numerous awards for our campaigns and brands, such as Best Use Of Social Media Marketing — JSW Group (CMO Asia 2016) and Most Digitally Engaging Brand in South East Asia — Gap India (Campaign Asia 2016), are a testament to the dedication, expertise and proficiency that we bring to the table.

The endless experimentation and ingenuity that drives conversations; the countless hours of perseverance; the vision of pushing our brands to the top of the digital mountain; and, of course, an obsession with being change-makers- this is essentially what makes us one of the best digital agencies in India.


We’re young, we’re driven,

and we’re excited to transform your brand. Very excited.

The answer is simple. We are exactly what you are looking for: a trusted digital strategy and marketing partner that knows what it takes to break the clutter and empower your brand digitally. We specialize in creating engaged communities online and offline, and lead the way in content creation, brand strategy, online review management, social media marketing, search engine optimization, communication design and much more.

At RepIndia, we see the future and the potential that the digital medium has to offer. Together, we can shape it to help you realize your business and brand building objectives. Till date, more than 150 brands have rediscovered their identity with us and built a more robust connection with their target audience.

Let’s team up!